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What AVP is all about.


For over 15 years AVP has been designing and installing custom electronic solutions for residential and commercial clients.  From initial ideas to final installation, AVP has the tools and experience to take your ideas to the next level.  Most retail stores across the country simply sell you a box and send you on your way, with AVP, we manage the entire process of your project from start to finish.


From wall mounting your new flat panel HDTV, to building a dedicated theater room, to wiring your entire home or office for distributed audio and video, there are few challenges that AVP can not overcome.

Home Theater

Bring that cinema experience home to enjoy with your family & friends.


Everyone loves going to the movies. Wouldn't you love to bring that experience home?  With today's technology you don't even have to leave the house, entertainment now comes to you! Satellite, cable, movies through the mail, and even download and streaming movies and television programs. There are just so many options today!


With today's modern Home Theater, you aren't just limited to movies.  So much news and entertainment comes to us through our televisions these days. In one evening you could watch the news, play video games with your friends and family, and finally you and your loved one can relax with a movie.


Imagine at the end of a long hard day being able to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home theater.  Enjoy your favorite movie, television show, videogame, or music album on a large screen with full surround sound.  You no longer need to worry about asking the stranger in front of you turn his cell phone off.

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Having friends and family over this weekend for a backyard BBQ? Wouldn't it be slick if you could simply push one button and have music, lighting, and televisions all turn on to the the right settings? Done! Home Automation can allow you to control many aspects of your home or business from multiple controllers or even from one simple, central device.


You don't have to be the Jetsons living in the future to enjoy the wonders of having a home or office filled with easy to use technology that can help make your life easier. Imagine crawling into bed at the end of a long day and realizing you forgot to close the garage door. No need to get back up and walk all the way downstairs, with a quick glance to the interactive house layout on your remote touchscreen, you can see that its open and close it simply by touching the screen.


Total Home Technology from Crestron and AVP streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Our solutions eliminate the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature, and audio/video components. Whether from an easy-to-use color touchpanel, remote or a customized keypad, total control is always at your fingertips.

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Distributed A/V

Watch or listen to anything...anywhere!


What exactly does "distributed a/v" even mean?  It simply means being able to watch something like your favorite DVD on any television, or listen to your favorite music in any room you like.  Great for home or business.


Inside, outside and everywhere in between, AVP whole-house entertainment systems distribute video and music throughout your home.


Imagine getting all of your electronics out of the way, hidden in one location, like a media closet, completely out of sight. Now imagine coming home, pressing a button and music fills the air. What will it be? Classical for relaxation after a stressful day; rock to get the blood flowing; or how about a favorite satellite radio channel while cooking dinner?

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Acoustic Treatment

Residential and Commercial room acoustics


From home theaters to live venues, acoustic treatments in your room can make a world of difference in making sure everyone will enjoy the experience.  Prevent outside noise from getting in, and be sure all the good sounds stay in.


Having a home theater system certainly increases the pleasure of watching a movie. Even when most people like to hear movies set at realistic sound levels, the resultant noise can definitely be annoying for the neighbors. This is why it is essential for home theater owners to use good soundproofing in their houses to avoid complaints from the neighborhood.

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System Calibration

Be sure your system looks and sound as best it can!


Calibration is all about getting accuracy and performance out of your system. A properly calibrated system can make video look better, audio sound better, and even extend the life of some of your A/V purchases!


The next time you're in one of the "discount" home electronics stores, step back and take a look at the array of plasma, LCD, and projections TVs. Notice how they all look a little different? Since they're all displaying the same signal, shouldn't they all look the same?


The fact is, each manufacturer has a different idea about what "looks best," and they usually adjust their sets to show off their particular strengths--and hide their weaknesses. The pictures on the display floor may be "punchy" and bright, but the detail and resolution that gets washed out really takes away from your home theater experience. What's more, running a TV or projector at these settings can even be damaging to the display technology, wearing out the display and projection lamps long before their time.

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Digital Signage

Enrich...Entertain...and inform.


Promote your business and inform your customers! AVP, Inc. has created a simple and affordable solution for getting your message out there with digital signage. Whether you’re greeting guests that are visiting your office, promoting a new product or service, or are looking to modernize your signage by replacing outdated printed material and the costs that come with it, AVP has your solution!  Create and manage content yourself, or let our professional creative services do it for you.  We offer full content creation services and in-house Digital Signage System Management, including text, graphics, photos, and video. We offer everything you need to present your company’s message effectively and deliver your digital communications directly to your audience.

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Security Systems

Protect what is most important to you.


Your family, home, and business are some of your most cherished possessions.  Why wouldn't you want to take steps to be sure that they can be protected.


Home and business security and safety products such as basic burglar alarm systems, door and window detectors, motion detectors, cameras, and sirens, are critical components in many security systems. What do you really need to secure your home and keep your family safe?  There are some crazy people in this world, and you need to protect your family.


Remember, your home doesn't end at the four walls of your house.  Your property including garage, outbuildings, workshops, children's play area, even you car, boat, and motorcycle are all extensions of home security.  Does your security system, or plans for one include these?

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